7 Things To Consider Buying A New Carpet For Home or Business

Besides home decor trends they’re other equally significant things to consider when purchasing or installing new carpeted flooring. Whether for home, workplace or business, a comfortable and clean environment is ideal for productivity on the job or comfort at home. A new carpet installation or any another type of renovation, always come with a little […]

Three Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpets are a great addition to any home, offering comfort, durability, and of course, style. But while the benefits are endless they also require a little bit of added maintenance, especially during the winter months in Toronto.  While you vacuum every few days, the wear and tear of traffic, spills, and well life often show […]

The #1 Reason Tile & Grout Cleaning is a Must for a Healthy Home

Most people know that your carpets require a deep thorough cleaning every now and then. Well here’s the truth, so do your tiles.  When people think of cleaning their floors, most only feel that carpet flooring should be cleaned by a professional on a regular basis, but so should your tiles.  Tiles are one of […]

How to Get Blood Out of Carpet

There are so many different types of stains that may seem impossible to get out of your carpets. From grape juice, wine, and even blood stains can cause much stress and angst leaving your home feeling a little less fresh.  Whether you get a small or large amount of blood on the carpet, it can […]

How to Properly Maintain Your Carpeted Floors

Carpets are a BIG investment, so keeping them clean and ensuring they last as long as possible is a huge concern for many people.  Preserving out carpets though is often the last thing on our minds when it comes to everyday life, kids, pets, family gatherings; carpets get put on the backburner, and rightfully so.  […]