7 Things To Consider Buying A New Carpet For Home or Business


Besides home decor trends they’re other equally significant things to consider when purchasing or installing new carpeted flooring.

Whether for home, workplace or business, a comfortable and clean environment is ideal for productivity on the job or comfort at home.

A new carpet installation or any another type of renovation, always come with a little push n’ pull between needs, availability and budget.

With years of professional carpet cleaning, working with various types and styles of carpeting, we may know a thing or two about carpets.

7 Things to Consider

1. Easy to clean
2. Stain resistance
3. Durability
4. Comfort
5. Health, eco friendly
6. Cost
7. Objective or needs

These considerations all share a common denominator. Carpet fibers!

Some carpet fibers are easier to clean than others, but may not be eco-friendly or stain resistant.

For this reason some carpets or carpeting are made with a mixture
of fibers to accommodate specific carpet flooring needs.

For instance, a popular carpet fiber for your average homeowners would be nylon.

Among other carpet fibers, nylon scores high on durability and being stain resistant. But scores low on being eco-friendly and cost effective.

On the other hand, olefin carpeting, is very cheap,
does wonders with spills and mildew.

However it will appear old or dirty real fast especially in high foot-traffic areas.

Smartstrand-Carpet is the ultimate rival to nylon,
across various carpet fibers. The major variation being cost.

But if there’s a “Top of the line” material for carpeting it would be wool.

Being a 100% natural fiber makes wool an ideal choice for some homeowners and businesses in need of  comfort, stain resistance and impact on environment above other factors.

Below is a performance chart of several of the most common carpet materials on the market today.

Please keep in mind:
1. Most carpets you’ll find on the market are made up from a mixture of two or more other fibers, that would more or less offset some of the draw backs of any one of the carpet fibers over time.

2. Another effective way to offset any draw-backs of any particular carpet fiber, or mixture of, would be a trained carpet cleaner on call!

Especially with the 7 things in mind, no matter what carpet options have for you home or business, having your carpet professionally cleaned once in a while, will make your choice a lot more easier.

1. Easy to clean – with Carpet Cure for sure.

2. Stain resistance – Call us for our stain removal treatment

3. Durability – we’ve restored countless of flooded carpeted basements.

4. Comfort – we also offer DIY tips to avoid carpet matting.

5. Health, eco friendly – not just for us; our pets too!

6. Cost – Call us.

7. Objective or needs – You can handle this just fine!


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